Indigenous Gulf Stream

The Indigenous Gulf Stream is a 24-hour live streamed media art biennial which celebrates a realistic representation on (and by) contemporary Indigenous communities in the Gulf South through  interviews, photography and media art.

The 2021  stream will included Unrecognized Stories interviews, and Stories for the Making media projects. We hope to stream again in 2023. We encourage you to consider tuning in some time to listen to the voices and stories. We really encourage you to do something you truly enjoy while listening - that could be making art, going for a walk, having a party, or hanging around your home.


The money and administrative support for the 2021 stream came from the National Performance Network

Indigenous Gulf Stream was conceptualized by Hali Dardar, produced by Hali Dardar, Ida AronsonBrittany Verdin Jimenez, and featured content from Unrecognized Stories and Stories for the Making



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