Resources for Two-Spirit People

Check out these open resources for or about our two-spirit relatives and kin. Check back regularly, as hopefully more resources become available. 

Southeastern Two-Spirit words:

Chickasaw, Choctaw: Male-assigned: hatukiklanna "man in the middle", Female-assigned: hatukholba "resembling man"

Cherokee: Male-assigned: nudale asgaya "different man", Female-assigned: nudale agehya "different woman", All term: asegi "all of them" 

Creek, Seminole: hokkolen este "two person", envrkopv "in the middle"

Sourced from years of personal research, and most confirmed with this Two-Spirit people slidedeck and this 2020 Scalawag article "The Queer South". 

December 5, 2023 article by Frank Perez: "In 1720, just two years after French colonizers renamed Bulbancha “New Orleans”, a French military officer named Ladun complained to Governor Bienville about indigenous queerness. Bienville, who founded New Orleans and lived into his 80s without ever marrying, told the young man to relax, that queerness was quite common in these parts among the Natives." 

"The mission of the Two-Spirit Archives is to develop an internationally-renowned centre for research that supports the needs of the Two-Spirit community; makes Two-Spirit people visible in our documentary heritage; and supports the research, teaching, learning, and community mandates of the University. It is guided in its development by the Two-Spirit Archives Advisory Council, which ensures Two-Spirit people are central to preserving the history of their contributions to society and in strengthening their community." 

"Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAITS) exists to restore and recover the role of Two-Spirit people within the American Indian/First Nations community by creating a forum for the spiritual, cultural and artistic expression of Two-Spirit people." 

"Our inaugural 2-Spirit Fest took place in Tulsa [in] 2023 and featured a diverse range of genres and artists, deeply rooted in traditional cultures.

This FREE event showcases musical performances by local and non-local artists, video installations, and panels." 

2021 article from Freedom Oklahoma: "Why we’re committed to decolonizing our work, and continuing intentional conversations about Two Spirit people (and how you can help)" 

"The Paths (Re)Membered Project centers the Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ community–its strengths, resiliencies, and histories—in our movement toward health equity. Through community engagement, research, and advocacy, we work toward a liberated 2SLGBTQ+ future, which includes the memories of Two Spirit ancestors, the wisdom of our elders, and the creativity of our young people." 

"All children deserve dignity and respect. Our Two Spirit children are beautiful and sacred. Together, we can (re)member their place in our homes, hearts, and villages. Below we feature two of our Two Spirit children’s books. Sassy Sassafras was released in 2021, and Cosmo, From the Stars, was released in 2024." 

"According to We R Native’s 2020 Youth Health Tech Survey, youth indicated the most important topic for them to learn about was identity. Nearly 40% of youth participants identified as Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, or Queer+ (2S-LGBTQ+) themselves. 

As caring adults, planning for inclusive, holistic programming that affirms gender identity and sexual orientation are strength-based, cultural protective factors. Here are a few culturally-relevant health resources to support our diverse youth and relatives." 

"Each month, Indian Country ECHO offers an ECHO session with expert providers focused on providing appropriate healthcare for pediatric gender-diverse patients. Join us to present cases, receive recommendations from a specialist, and ensure all patients get the care they need."