Poucha Houmma Revival

Landing page for the Play-writing Jam and eventual re-staging of the play: Blanc de Villeneufve's The Festival of the Young Corn, or, the Heroism of Poucha-Houmma (1814).

Bvlbancha Public Access proposes a revival production of “La Fête Du Petit Blé Ou L'héroïsme De Poucha-Houmma,” a tragic play by M. Le Blanc de Villeneufve ​​published in French in 1814,  to revive the production through the perspective of an Indigenous and minority cultural and linguistic revitalization praxis. To adapt this first French tragedy written in Louisiana, project participants will gather at a four day play-writing jam. Community language activists, artists, and creatives will be invited to participate. The output will be a retelling of the play. A broader impact of this collaborative activity is the sharing of insights and best practices for preservation and revitalization across communities. 

Year 1 - Nous Foundation Le Lab fellowship awardees