Stories for the Making

Stories for the Making challenges Gulf Coast artists to listen to oral histories and allow listening to oral histories to influence original artwork and craft. 

This is a component of Unrecognized Stories. After recording interviews, Indigenous artists from Gulf Coast state- and federally-recognized Indigenous communities will have a sneak peak at the content. They are commissioned to develop derivative projects based on their listening experience.  These artists serve as the first audience to the collection of oral histories. The process of listening and creating becomes a form of processing stories in solidarity, and encourages other external artists to do the same. Derivative artworks and oral history interviews premiered in the  Indigenous Gulf Stream.


The money and administrative support for this project came from the National Performance Network

Stories for the Making was conceptualized by Ida Aronson and Hali Dardar, produced by Ida Aronson, Hali Dardar, and featured interviews from Unrecognized Stories.