Angela Comeaux of Mvskoke, Cherokee, and Choctaw decent

“There's medicine, and all of that, from the exercise that you get from gathering the food...or from cooking the food...And so, our physical bodies are hurting because of all the damage that has been done and how far removed we are from our traditional ways.” 

--Angela Comeaux


Angela Comeaux (she/her) is of mixed Mvskoke, Cherokee, Choctaw, and Acadian ancestry. She was gracious enough to collaborate with us by allowing us to interview her first as a model for the other interviews. She was also kind enough to allow us to include her interview here. Angela was born in Bulbancha, has lived in various places in South Louisiana, and currently resides on her farm in Florala, Alabama, traditional Mvskoke territory, which she is in the process of transforming into an Indigenous food forest. Angela is a professional research nurse who is currently training as an herbal practitioner. She is a cofounder of the Bvlbancha Collective, a mutual aid and medicine collective.

In her Un-Recognized Stories interview, Angela discusses Indigenous food and medicinal practice, as well as pathways towards restoration of Indigenous knowledge in these areas.

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In collaboration with Daniel Briggs and Hali Dardar


In collaboration with Cougar Goodbear, John Mayeux, and Hali Dardar