Additional Resources for Teachers

If our videos and media have helped start you on your learning journey, and you are eager for more, check out these additional open resources:

A link to a document of resources that the Bvlbancha community chat network came up with: 

A blog post from the Bvlbancha Collective:

Houma Language Project has all of their resources open, free, and accessible:

Bvlbancha Liberation Radio:

Nanih Bvlbancha:

Dr. Maris Jones' research work: Gillian Maris Jones, Ph.D. is an Afro-Indigenous scholar, creator, and traveler native to Bulbancha//New Orleans, Louisiana and The Lucayan Archipelago//The Bahamas. Her research, funded by Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship, collaborates with coastal and island communities occupied by the United States empire to utilize ethnography in exploration of climate vulnerability and adaptation. With field sites in Borikén//Puerto Rico, Bulbancha//New Orleans, and Hawai’i, Maris’s scholarship engages contemporary Black and Indigenous survival practices that were developed through the multigenerational transmission of knowledge to navigate the ongoing environmental and social aftermaths of hurricanes.